Sermon on the Birth after the Flesh of the Lord God and Our Savior Jesus Christ [December 25, 2011]

Sermon on the Birth after the Flesh of the Lord God and Our Savior Jesus Christ

 [December 25, 2011]


Beloved brothers and sisters into the Lord,

It is foreign born and unusual! For that the Son of God the Son of the Virgin is made…for to deify our human nature.

Many dreamed gods…many had wanted to be worshiped instead of God…but, now, came into the world, as Child, the Creator of the world Himself.

Therefore, Christ came in history imperceptibly…for the only several have noticed of His presence.

The magi and the shepherds come to the Lord…but they have not known the entire humanity of His birth.

And now, after 2.000 years, is need to preach Christ’s Birth because some have forgotten the immense joy of this day…and others do not know at all.

The icon of the feast as and the day’s hymnology show us the fact that His birth, after the body, was real.

For that the Son of God, begotten of the Father before all ages, was incarnate from the Virgin Mary and assumed humanity.

Alike God and man…He, „the unchanged Face of the Father”, „out from the Mother, who knew not the wedding, undergone change”.

For the His divine nature is unchangeable…but His humanity changed into the likeness. And thanks of this centering in good of His humanity, therefore and we, the believers, strengthen us in good, in virtuous life.

Christ is „the Light that shone us”.  He is „the East at top”. He is „the brightness of the Father, Who lighted the whole creation”.

And when we speak about light and enlightenment in the hymnographic texts, we refer to the uncreated light of Most Holy Trinity and not at sunlight.

And the uncreated light is the one that divinizes us because it was deified and the humanity of Christ.

Christ was born in cave, in mysterious mode, tells us a song…and also here is said: „but the heaven on Thee to all taught You, putting the star before as a mouth, o, Savior”.

The star of the Magi was a heavenly Power…and the shepherds have been taught by Angel and they heard Angels praising God.

Therefore we are called by the Church to celebrate this day spiritually. And namely, it must not prevail the joy of the food in front of the joy of the heart.

Because He is „the Waiting of nations” and He came to bring the peace of the body with the soul and the peace between us all.

And who does not expect from Christ the spiritual peace and prosperity believe in luck or in force of arms.

And who does not see in his neighbor on Christ that one cancels the man.

The peace of heart is a consequence of the purity of conscience. And therefore the stultification of others is not the solution for to be human but their mutual assistance.

The compassionate heart is the fruit of Orthodoxy because the mercifulness is the sprig of repentance.

And only he who repents he can receive the joy of Christs life, the joy that has saved the whole world.

Therefore, receive the joy of His birth in your heart and dedicate to all who need it!  Fill yourselves of His eternal joy now and forever. Amen!


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